Cellmate Chastity Cage – The Latest Innovation in Chastity Technology

Cellmate Regular Chastity Cage

When Mistress K and Slave D at the House of Denial first discovered the Cellmate chastity device it all sounded a little too good to be true. This new chastity kit produced by Qiui claimed to be the first app controlled chastity cage on the market. It stated that the lock could be unlocked via a phone app from anywhere in the world. Sounds fantastic, but does it actually work? We’re very pleased to announce that it does everything that it claims to do and we now stock the Cellmate on our website.

The Cellmate is a very well made polycarbonate cage that comes complete with 2 robust zinc alloy rings and a handy instruction manual to guide you through the setup process. It’s very comfortable to wear, lightweight, waterproof and the little battery that’s enclosed in the cage lasts for a stunning 8-10 months before it needs to be replaced.

That’s great, but let’s quickly get to the good stuff; the app controlled lock. Instead of a more conventional padlock used on the CB6000 or a hidden sliding barrel lock used in the Holy Trainer the Cellmate has a simple sliding locking pin. You put your genitals through the ring and attach the cage section like normal, but instead of snapping a padlock shut you simply slide the locking pin into place until you hear a click noise. From that point on, the only way to release the lock is through the app. This is the point it gets really fun.

The app will allow you to control the lock yourself, or you can authorise control over the lock to someone else that’s also registered on the app. The app is completely free to download on iOS or Android, so once you’ve purchased the chastity device there’s no further cost. This means that if both the wearer and keyholder have internet access on their phones the lock can be released from anywhere on the planet. It’s a complete game changer and a fantastic innovation for anyone in a long distance keyholder relationship or an online chastity keyholding agreement with a pro-domme.

If you don’t have a keyholder or prefer to self lock the app has a timed self locking option. You set the amount of time you want to be locked in chastity and it won’t unlock until the time lapses. Currently, the app doesn’t have an override for this option, so make sure you really want to be locked for the amount of time you select. This might change in the future with app updates.

The Cellmate is available right now for only £119.99 on the House of Denial website here: https://www.houseofdenial.com/collections/cellmate You can buy it in regular or long sizes.

For online chastity keyholders the benefits are huge. You can lock up multiple chastity slaves and keep track of them all on one account. There’s no need to set up a different account for each person. It also gives you a timeline of events for each cage, so you’ll see the date and time for every unlock.

If you’re actively looking for an online chastity keyholder we highly recommend contacting Mistress Adreena. This stunning tattooed Goddess is an experienced keyholder that offers in-person sessions and online sessions. Contact Her here: https://www.mistressadreena.co.uk/

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