London Mistresses

London Mistresses - Agent Ida

I am a mature Italo-German Professional Dominatrix based in Central London.

As a specialist spanking and caning Mistress I particularly enjoy administering a good old-fashioned OTK spanking with my bare hand, an energetic brushing session with my unforgiving bathbrush or a cold-hearted, merciless judicial caning with my ruthless dragon cane.
Anything in between that makes my sub squirm and plead also gives me great pleasure and I feel equally comfortable in a CP-free submission/humiliation scene, where words, silence and demeanour do all the work.

I pride myself in developing interesting and entertaining roleplay scenarios, incorporating my ideas in your suggested storyline, making sure that there are surprises in store for you. I am a well-educated Disciplinarian and my vanilla background in higher and adult education means I am used to holding people to a very high standard, fastidiously pointing out faults and devising drills and punishments to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated.

Although physically very strong, I also very much relish a soft and sensual approach, with the sub becoming my plaything with no chance of escape. In this guise mummification and sensory deprivation combined with edging are particular favourites.

When contacting me, do state your interests, a selection of available dates/times and be prepared to pay a 50% advance deposit to secure the booking and to prove that you are serious about sessioning with me.

Looking forward to hearing you say “Thank you, Mistress”
Madam Ida von Schmidt